Engine Detailing

Engine Detailing


A mobile and convenient vehicle steam wash that comes to your door, steam sterilizes, sanitizes and clean your air vents and avoids abrasive cleaning chemicals and excess mess.

Care Wash is a mobile steam car washing company that offers a various packages in vehicle steam washing options to its customers. Care Wash has mobile capabilities through the use of its latest model vans equipped with state of the art detailing machines installed inside.

We can remove the toughest build-up on the entire engine compartment and undercarriage with safe dry steam on all engine parts and electronics. Dry Vapor Steam uses a fraction of water you’re used to and with just the right amount of pressure. This makes the Steamer safe to use on almost anything.

Steam car washing is a new technology using high pressurized steam/vapor. The heat and high pressure combined results in a stunning clean while being completely safe on car surfaces and the fragile environment. Traditional car washes, doing it yourself or a regular car wash station consumes over 300 litres of water. Our steam wash technology is 100% environmentally-friendly with no chemical use and very little use of water (4 litres per car on average) without leaving any waste-water or chemicals behind.The benefits of steam technology is boundless.

Steam Cleaning & Disinfecting

Our steam technology has the unique power of disinfecting, sanitizing, killing bacteria and mites while it also removes unpleasant odors by cleaning you air-con vents.


  • Removes odours such as pet stains, smoking and mold or mildews
  • Fabrics are deep cleaned quickly and easily freshened up
  • You can reach the dashboard, vents, ashtrays and anything hard to get to normally
  • Surfaces are almost dry as soon as you are finished
  • All types of odors are eliminated with steam cleaning


  • Keeps The Car Paint Fresh
  • No effort is needed to get all the dirt off
  • No toxic residue
  • No streaky windows
  • Wax, tar and other substances on chrome, mouldings and bumpers are removed easily and without damage
  • Can completely clean vinyl tops, wheels, and whitewalls