Welcome to Care Wash, Your mobile Vehicle Steam cleaning Service in Sydney


A mobile and convenient vehicle steam wash that comes to your door, steam sterilizes, sanitizes and clean your air vents and avoids abrasive cleaning chemicals and excess mess.

We provide a variety of full service washes that clean your motorbike, car or truck, inside and out or detail packages for a completely pampered car. We come to you and give your car a pristine clean, no matter the location! Find out if our mobile steam cleaning service can come to your area in Sydney.

Steam car washing is a new technology using high pressurized steam/vapor. The heat and high pressure combined results in a stunning clean while being completely safe on car surfaces and the fragile environment. Traditional car washes, doing it yourself or a regular car wash station consumes over 300 litres of water. Our steam wash technology is 100% environmentally-friendly with no chemical use and very little use of water (4 litres per car on average) without leaving any waste-water or chemicals behind.The benefits of steam technology is boundless.

Exterior Steam Vehicle Wash

Exterior Steam Vehicle Wash

Care Wash is a mobile steam vehicle cleaning company that offers various packages of steam cleaning options to its customers.

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Interior Steam Vehicle Detailing

Interior Steam Vehicle Detailing

Interior steam Vehicle wash is the process of using steam vapor to clean a Vehicle’s interior. Steam has been a key element of the cleaning...

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Engine Detailing

Engine Detailing

100% ECO-FRIENDLY AND CHEMICAL FREE A mobile and convenient vehicle steam wash that comes to your door, steam sterilizes, sanitizes and clean your...

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Your vehicle is always in great hands with us!


Call: 0492 877 388

Step one. Call Us.

Our operators gladly answer all your questions about the process. They will find the best time and day to fulfill your needs.

Step two. Operating Hours.

Our company is fully at your service from Monday through Saturday, so we are available from 8 AM to 7 PM, without a break.

Step three. Brilliant Wash.

We use high pressure steam technology and our specialists will turn your vehicle back to new in just a few moments!

Why Steam Vehicle Wash.

Steam has been a key element of the cleaning industry because of its effectiveness and sanitizing power, removes stains and bad smell.

Fresh & Clean Vehicle.

Steam will effectively clean, disinfect and protect your Vehicle, Steam will kill 99.6% of germs and bacteria to protect you and your family.

Trained Staff.

We are professionally trained to steam wash your vehicle with great attention to detail, your car will gain a new shiny look in no time at all!

What our Clients Say

My car is squeaky clean inside & out; all thanks to Care Wash! Not only did they do a fantastic job, they also cleaned it whilst I was at work so I didn’t even need to drive anywhere!

AmandaStrathfield NSW

Just had Care Wash clean my car & I am so impressed! The seats in the car look brand new, and the dog hair has gone! he was lovely & friendly, would recommend them and will be using from now on! Thanks again & see you soon.

DavidBondi NSW

I have just had mine and my husbands cars cleaned by Care Wash and they are so clean I can’t even put it into words. They have done a spectacular job on both of them and is very thorough cleaning all nooks and crannies that I wouldn’t have even considered checking. Amazing service will definitely be using again and very highly recommended.

ChristinaNorth Sydney